"Honest communication breeds healthy relationships, real estate is no exception, in fact, it might be one of the best examples."

-Jim Birtola, Owner/ Broker

Hiring the right real estate agent is all about finding a professional you can trust. 

Our mission is to carefully guide property sellers in our community through, what can be a fairly daunting process, as painlessly as we can, as quickly as we can, and have them get as much financially out of the transaction as we can.

The Top 10 Reasons to Use Team Birtola Garmyn

1. Team

6. Commissions

2. Marketing

7. Zillow

3. Lender

8. Online Exposure

4. Experience

9. Barbara Corcoran

5. Communication

10. Results

You're in Good Hands When You Choose Oregon's #1 Real Estate Team

A Few of Our Results From 2016